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Penny's Long Sleeve T-Shirts


Purchase a Penny's Party Place long sleeve t-shirt today.  Choose from the White w/our Penny's Party Place Logo or the Black w/Penny's Big Heart.

Can't choose get them both :) 

Taking pre-orders until mid-night November 5th

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Darling Daughter

Darling Daughter

Darling Daughter what will you be?  Book by Gloria Marrero-Martinez

 Danielle's mother tells her that she can be anything she wants to be when she grows up.  Spend the day with Danielle as she learns about the many possibilities.  

What will you be?

Danielle imagining becoming an architect when she grows up

An actress?  doctor?  business owner? __________? 

Softcover or E-Book

Danielle imagining becoming a dentist when she grows up

Written by the Owner of Penny's Party Place : Gloria Marrero-Martinez